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O’Cannabiz Conference - 6CR #44

O’Cannabiz Conference - 6CR #44

July 19, 2019

The O'Cannabiz Conference provided The Six Cents Report with media passes to their 2019 Toronto event. Darnell & Joel discuss their experience and what they learned from the conference.

Topics include:

  • Unique aspects of Canadian industry - regulations, patents
  • Medical use & cannabinoids
  • Bill C93 - Pardon vs Expungement of 'simple possession' records
  • Purpose of law & criminal records
  • Cannabis Market beyond recreational

Previous Cannabis episode: 6CR #10

Reference Links:

Toronto Just Can't Get Rid Illegal Cannabis Stores

Chris Kresser on the problems with nutritional epidemiological studies


The Ultimate Guide to Cannabinoids in Cannabis

Liberals Pass Bill to Suspend Records for Simple Cannabis Possession

Cannabis Amnesty

Frequently asked questions about expungement

Hard On Liberty - Drugs

Mike Dillard Podcast With Teeka Tiwari

Hemp is the New Oak: America’s First Hemp “Wood” Factory is Being Built

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Can’t We All Just Get Along - Social Justice & the Gospel with Kirk Wellum - 6CR #38

Can’t We All Just Get Along - Social Justice & the Gospel with Kirk Wellum - 6CR #38

November 9, 2018

Social justice movements are causing division in our culture, including the reformed Christian community. The Principal of the Toronto Baptist Seminary - Rev. Kirk Wellum joins Darnell & Joel to discuss "The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel". Our conversation covers the following:

  • Defining social justice
  • Bringing up this statement at Toronto Baptist Seminary
  • James White vs Tim Keller
  • Social justice in Canada vs US
  • Biblical justice
  • Common ground & reconciling
  • Biblical criteria for evaluating morality of cannabis

Reference Articles:

The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel

The Bee Explains: What Is Social Justice?

James White response to Tim Keller on SJ&G

Social Justice Is a Threat to Human Rights and the Gospel

Pass the Mic Podcast - On “Social Justice and the Gospel” Part 1 & Part 2

Signposts Podcast - The Gospel and Social Injustice – Part 1 & Part 2

Union Seminary Response to SJ&G

Justin Peters Response to Union Seminary

Tim Challies: 9th Commandment - Duties Required Sins Forbidden

Rev. Kirk Wellum contact info:

Toronto Baptist Seminary

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Cannabis Legalization - 6CR #10
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