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Is Ticketmaster Ripping Us Off? - 6CR #37

Is Ticketmaster Ripping Us Off? - 6CR #37

November 2, 2018

Ticketmaster has been accused of price gouging customers. Darnell & Joel discuss an article from the explaining three pricing "tricks" that Ticketmaster engaged in.

'I'm getting ripped off': A look inside Ticketmaster's price-hiking bag of tricks

  • Trick 1: Prices can change any time
  • Trick 2: Not all tickets go on sale initially
  • Trick 3: Double-dip fees on scalped tickets

Reference Articles:

Ticketmaster History

Price Discrimination on the Part of the Seller

"The best regulator is the market...the competitive market"

Doug Ford halts Ontario anti-ticket scalping law

Ontario to make ticket-buying ‘bots’ illegal, cap markups in scalping crackdown

Canadian scalper's multimillion-dollar StubHub scheme exposed in Paradise Papers

Walter Block - Free PDF: The Case for Discrimination

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