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Morality of Bitcoin - 6CR #138

Morality of Bitcoin - 6CR #138

December 17, 2021
During the last two years we have seen an increased interest in the newest investment class - cryptocurrencies. This increased interest corresponded with significant price increases and some huge windfalls for early investors. Darnell & Joel discuss the following:
  • How does cryptocurrency relate to the end times?
  • How should Christians invest?
  • What is money?
  • What is inflation?
  • What is Bitcoin? 
  • Are cryptocurrencies a wise investment?

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Song from our intro: Sho Baraka - Pedantic

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A Christian Case for Bitcoin and Blockchain

Ask the Economist: Should a Christian Invest in Bitcoin?

Christians Are Called To Use Money Based In Truth: Bitcoin

Velocity of Money

Inflation video - Tucker: This is impossible to ignore

The Outlook for Inflation and Its Links to Monetary Policy

EP 250: The Bullish Case For Bitcoin, With Vijay Boyapati

Money | Jeffrey M. Herbener

Opposing Views: Is Bitcoin The Future? - Peter Schiff & Robert Breedlove

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Generational Wealth & Race with Seun Adeyemi - 6CR #33

Generational Wealth & Race with Seun Adeyemi - 6CR #33

October 5, 2018

Seun Adeyemi of SA Capital joins Darnell & Joel to discuss the following aspects of financial planning:

  • Inheritance and Probate Taxes 
  • The value of creating a will
  • Wealth vs Poverty
  • Life Insurance
  • Financial Stewardship & Literacy
  • Investing & Saving

Reference Articles:

Lack of inheritance tax is making inequality worse, think-tank study suggests

Merrilee Boyack on Getting Your Estate Planning Figured Out


Seun Adeyemi contact info:

FB: SA Capital Advisors


The Dollar $avvy Podcast

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Voting Pt 3: Principles over Promises - 6CR #18

Voting Pt 3: Principles over Promises - 6CR #18

June 15, 2018

The results of the Ontario 2018 election are in - Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives win majority government, NDP are the formal opposition party and the Liberals lost party status. Darnell & Joel give there thoughts and answer some listener questions. 

FB post Joel referenced in the intro - NDP voter challenge

Question 1 - How would Doug Ford be able to cut costs without cutting jobs? What are the benefits of saving and cutting costs?

Question 2 - What are the counter arguments to the listener's rational for voting NDP?

Question 3 - What is the fundament role of government? Why is it problematic for the government to see themselves as the solution to the problem?

Reference Links:

Plan for the People

Change for the Better

Breaking down the Ontario NDP and PC platforms: What their pricey promises could mean for the province

Comparing Government and Private Sector Compensation in Ontario, 2017

Defined benefit pensions

Beware of politicians talking of government waste

NDP admit to annual $1.4-billion costing error

Tim Hudak 2013 PC party platform

Common Sense Revolution - Mike Harris

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