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Unsaved Kanye with Anthony Mitchell - 6CR #59

Unsaved Kanye with Anthony Mitchell - 6CR #59

November 1, 2019

Kanye West dropped his first Christian album - JESUS IS KING. Darnell & Joel are joined by Anthony Mitchell to discuss the album and fan fare. The conversation covers the following topics:

  • Anthony's history in the Christian music industry
  • Kanye's salvation
  • Insights about Kanye from the Zane Lowe interview
  • Where does Kanye's album fit within Christian hip hop
  • JESUS IS KING album review


Kanye's new album: JESUS IS KING

Zane Lowe interview: Kanye West: Jesus Is King, Sunday Service, and Being Born Again

Anthony Mitchell Contact info:

Overflow Ministries Group: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Website

Overflow Music Playlists: Spotify, Apple Music

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