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Summer Jobs & Ideology Requirements - 6CR #25

Summer Jobs & Ideology Requirements - 6CR #25

August 3, 2018

The Canadian government has added an ideology attestation to receive funding for summer internship grant. Darnell & Joel discuss the significance of the government requesting organizations to affirm a set of beliefs regarding abortion and transgender identity. The conversartion includes the following:

  • Fairness of the ideology test 
  • Society's morality is subjective & the problems with legislating morality
  • Impersonal charity via government vs volutary charity
  • Summer job grants is the government circumventing minimum wage

Reference Links:

Government Examples of Organizations denied eligibility

87 religious leaders ask Trudeau gov’t to drop summer job pro-abortion pledge

Global News: President of Canada Christian College attacks PM @JustinTrudeau

What the US Can Learn From Portugal's Drug Decriminalization

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